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    I've had the Treo700p for a few months but wanted to try out the 700W. After performing the upgrade I was having problems like everyone else running Agile Messenger, IE together. I installed SKTools, set IE and Agile in the do no close list and now I have been able to browse the internet, have Agile running and open Media player all together.

    I just opened Pictures and videos as well, still all programs running. Hmm.
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    It was hit-or-miss in keeping apps open ... a lot of dicussion here:
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    Is SKTools the best NorthGlide CleanFreak Pack, equivalent for WM?
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    Is SKTools the best NorthGlide CleanFreak Pack, equivalent for WM?
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    POcketMechanic also comes highly reviewed and SpaceRecalimer is an option too
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    Anyone else have more input on this?
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    I use SKTools myself but you may want to try out these softwares to see which ones work for you best. I believe SKTools may have the most features but it's not the most user friendly. There is others like what 100thMonkey mentioned and there is also Memmaid which is also pretty good and more user friendly. All of these software have trial periods.

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