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    I am still trying to utilize my existing AOL email account (can't send from Messenging on the device, as documented) and thought I'd re-try the hosed AOL portal from Palm's mobile portal. It looked to be re-vamped a bit and actually got me to where I could sign in and it would show my Inbox, etc., which I had never been able to do in times past.

    Regardless of what I click on, I get the message: "Operation Failed. Try to enable cookies support on your browser or contact the customer support."

    I am wondering if any other AOL users would be kind enough to try and see if they can duplicate the results because cookies are enabled on my phone and I am perilously close to having a conniption.
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    Seemed to work well for me. I was able to sign in and read my email. I also sent an email to myself and it was received. I used PIE. No errors and was actually quite snappy.

    Try a soft reset?
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    hannip....thanks for checking......I did a soft reset but same thing happens. My cookies have been enabled and.....wait.......just as I'm typing this I finally got it to work after several attempts.

    We'll see how long it lasts.

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