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    Hi everyone,
    Yesterday i set up the Direct Push on my phone. We are using a hosted exchange provider ( I noticed that there are alot of posts on here about "tweaking" the server settings to get the best battery life..

    However since i am unable to to anything to Intermedia's server - is there anything i CAN do??
    My battery is OK - but not as good as it was.. Am i basically in a bind here since i cant control the actual server? Please help!!

    BTW- Direct push is AMAZING - especially compared to Wireless Sync!!
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    So i talked to tech support yesterday because my battery has performed worse since i switched to Direct Push. I wanted to make sure they had their servers set up right.. Here was their response:

    According to our phone conversation I am sending you some details regarding Direct Push setup on our side. So, currently there are no special registry entries that would alter default hard-coded heartbeat interval values as per the following Knowledge Base article (the table with default minimum and maximum heartbeat intervals is down on that page):

    Enterprise firewall configuration for Exchange ActiveSync Direct Push Technology

    Also, our Product Engineers had informed us before that everything had been setup for ActiveSync to work correctly.
    So i guess they have their end set up correctly.. Is there anything i can do on my end?
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    Anyone.. Anyone??
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    turn down ur screen brightness
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    aside from that... i duno. i've gotten used to the decrease in battery life. just charge more often.

    what's worse is when u havve push going, and a bluetooth headset connected.

    battery life disappears after that.

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