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    I'm having issues with being able to bluetooth phone to phone. I was able to with my Q when I had it, but when i switched to the 700w I noticed that I wasn't able to do that feature... Can anyone help on this subject?

    Also, how can I set mp3's for alarms so my alarm can actually wake me up?

    Also, what do i need to do to be able to use mp3's as text message alerts?

    Anything helps. Thanks
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    Where is the BT issue? Sending/Receiving/connecting/etc?

    For the txt alerts, I just converted the to a smaller bitrate wma and transferred them to the Windows/Rings folder on my device. When I went to change the text ringtone they were there as options. (This wasn't the case on my other wm5 phones BTW, but on the Treo it is for some reason). When you divide the, and make the bitrate smaller, the ringtone should be +/- 300kb
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    I didn't know about the file size. Thanks. Also, will mp3's work as text alerts as long as they're under 300Kb?

    For the BT deal. I am not able to send anything from my phone via bluetooth. I'm only able to send via IR. I don't know about the receiving issue though. Haven't tried it. But sending stuff from my phone to another bt enabled phone (the one i tried sending to was a cingular razr) didn't work for me.

    About the alarms though, is that possible? Thanks.

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