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    Has anyone found a work around to make the voice mail notification sound repeat periodically until you acknoledge it? I have had a few instances where I received a voicemail when the phone was not with me. Obviously, I did not hear the notification sound and did not notice the icon to the following day. I know I could me more attentive, but I would like to have a periodic reminder until I play the voice mail or acknowledge it. In the settings area, the repeat button is greyed out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mommy8
    butler doesn't work with WM5
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    PA is the best out there
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    Sorry. I totally missed the 700w topic. That's what I get for replying when I'm asleep.

    Quote Originally Posted by dbarrett5381
    butler doesn't work with WM5
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    It doesn't appear to be compatible (square screen I'm guessing) with the 700w. Are you guys using it with a 700w?
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    The display tab in settings is a little wider than the 700w screen, but other than that it seems fine. Just pick a today plugin skin that fits such as the default. I installed the lite version btw.

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