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    A friend of mine just got a 700W. He will be taking the bar exam in February.

    Does anyone know if there are any downloadable review materials out there?

    Would make me look really good....and this guy is really cute!
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    Meh, he'd go blind. I couldn't stare at the tiny screen with bad resolution for 10-12 hours/day to study.

    True story. When I took the bar exam my roommate and I took all of the chairs out of the apartment except at our desks. We each took a critical piece out of the pinball machine we had. The TV went to my parents house. This meant that the only way to sit was while studying or committing unspeakable necessities. I know of this 10-12 hours/day thing of which I speak. Tell your friend about PAPER. There will be plenty of time to play with the 700w later, whilst hoisting a cold one or 54.

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