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    You all are a bad influence, I read about toys here and then I gota have it. I think donations from all to my checking acct would be appropriate to support my habit. I just got Slingbox and have a few ?s I couldn't find on searching.

    1. I noticed several inputs available, if I hook up 2 sources can I switch them while using slingplayer? Reason is I would like to view TV from my cable/DVR and on occasion view live video from my home security DVR.

    2. If I cant do above and I buy a second Slingbox would the Slingplayer allow me to choose either box.

    Frys Electronics has them on sale for $149.00 and ends today if I need to buy another.
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    Never tried, but I believe you can. In the slingplayer you can choose the other input, so I'm pretty sure you can
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    Yes the slingplayer lets you switch between inputs. You can set up separate configurations with each having a different input. The input choices are S-Video, Composite, and Coaxial. You can start and stop each by choosing the different configuations. Only one can be active at a time.

    If you have multiple slingboxes then each has its own location id which you use to pick the one you want.

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