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    First... wanted to thank this forum. I had an unlocked 600, a Cingular 650, and now a 700w which I really like because it does some things I really need. Dealing with these devices and figuring out their issues would have been pretty daunting without this site.

    That said, I'm trying to figure out how to do what I was hoping would be basic... but after doing some research, clearly it's not.

    My new company has an exchange server. I have a server address, username and password. He told me ActiveSync is turned on.

    So my questions are this:

    1. If I want to sync with the exchange server over the phone's data connection (VZW's EV), do I use ActiveSync or WirelessSync?

    2. Can I have part of the outlook profile (tasks, contacts) sync locally, and the others (calendar and email) sync through the Exchange connection? I have two setup now in ActiveSync... but it appears they are trying to sync both through the local (USB) connection

    Based on the answer of #1, could someone reply with simple step by step setup based on which app to use? I tried to set it up through ActiveSync and noticed there were lots of "Advanced" settings.

    Thanks for anyone who can provide some basic information this.


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    Hi JSkates:

    To answer your question:

    1) You use Activesync and configure the Exchange Server settings in it. Make sure you have SSL setup correctly as well as a copy of the SSL certificate activated in your device (or you can bypass SSL altogether though not recommended). Wireless Sync is normally for those people who doesn't have Exchange configured on their Outlook (i.e. people who configured a POP3 email account). When you are syncing your device for the first time, it will ask you if you are syncing with an Exchange server or not. Just follow the step by step configuration. Looks like you already have the settings on hand (server address, username, password, and Domain name). That is all you need!

    2) Let me guess ... the only reason why you want to ask this question is so that you can sync with two computers ... one at work (Exchange) and one at home (non-Exchange) while keeping your contacts and calendars the same on both ... am I right? I've been trying to figure this one out from the start and eventually concluded that the only way to do this is to bypass the Exchange setup altogether ... which I will not do.

    I can understand why Microsoft did it this way since they figured that the whole reason behind Exchange Activesync is to give BUSINESS users a helpful tool by syncing their PPC with Exchange. Wireless Sync was developed for those without Exchange. Syncing information between work and home would be a conflict of interest if you really think about it. This would defeat the whole purpose of MSFP development with its Device Wipe and Security features. If you really want this to work, configure HTTP over RPC on your home's Outlook so you can configure your work email at home.

    Hope all this makes some sense. Good luck!
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    Thanks for the help! Actually I only use a single laptop so don't need to sync between two computers.

    My main reason for doing this is I'm out of the office a lot, and spend time in meetings at client sites where I don't have internet access. I want to be able to access email and calendaring primarily (tasks, contacts, and notes secondarily) in real time over the data connection.

    When I tried to setup through ActiveSync, and it asks for the server address and even says below same as Outlook Web Access. I put in but when I click on next, it changes it to and drops the rest of the address. Then, when I do local sync, it shows up in ActiveSync as trying to sync to exchange and hangs.

    I know this has been covered before... I would love to just see someone outline, step by step, how to set this up in ActiveSync in a way that uses the data connection to hit the exchange server remotely. I understand there are several things to be done on the server side, but I feel like I'm not even getting far enough for that to be an issue yet.

    Thanks again for all the help.

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    And suddenly... for no apparent reason... it's now working fine. I love technology!

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