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    Hi guys. I tried to do some searching for this and didn't get exactly what I was looking for.

    When using pocket internet explorer and visiting rich sites such as my browser and system just get awfully slow. The page doesn't finish loading and it takes a long time to navigate to the settings so I can stop Internet Explorer. I've had the device for almost a month now and haven't done a soft reset. I've got only about 3-4 MB of available memory with every program closed in the memory manager.

    Is this an issue with memory? I thought I could load ESPN just fine when I first got the device.

    Also can someone confirm the latest Verizon supported software version? I have: TREO700W-1.02-VZW

    If that is not the latest version what is the easiest way to get it?

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    Please disregard this thread. Soft reset helped and I noticed I was loading espn's regular page instead of their wireless page which has trouble with PIE.

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