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    Hi all,

    I know how challenging this can be to troubleshoot remotely...and with vague symptoms, but any ideas will be appreciated...

    I have a 700w that successfully syncs over the are with my work exchange, contacts, calendar, tasks...

    I want to sync files, avant go, tv listing data over the wire, but everytime I try i get an error..what happens is this... it connects...says its looking for changes...hangs for a bout 3 mins...and then gives me a connection error...I've un installed and re installed active sync multiple times... rebooted the device multiple times... run the troubleshooter with no know issues found...I've also unchecked all the items so there is nothing attempting to sync and it still errors out... so I'm out of ideas... any thoughts or ideas from the forum?


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    any help at all ....??
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    Check here...ActiveSync Troubleshooter. Check out the links on the right...

    I don't use Exchange OTA, so these may not apply. At least worth a look...

    I had to use the USBSwitch application to get my 700w syncing (USB) with my home laptop...I use IR to sync with work laptop.
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    Try not syncing AvantGo. This always gave me an error but I just sync it over the air.
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    I was having a problem with loosing the connection between my 700w and my business laptop (IBM Thinkpad) while trying to sync. It would not stayed connected long enough to even sync my contacts and appointments. I contacted Verizon and they connected me with Palm. After extensive troubleshooting Palms tech support had me run the USBSwitch Serial Switchback Utility ( Now I have no sync problems at all. But before I ran this on my own I think I would contact Verizon and Palm referencing this utility.

    Hope this helps.

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