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    Ok, so i am going to go with a hosted exchange provider since our exchange server is only 2000. Now i need to decide if i want to use the Exchange Activesync Direct Push, or Goodlink.

    Is there anything about Goodlink that makes it worth the extra $19.95/month? A tech support rep at said that Goodlink is actually faster - more like a blackberry. But that Exchange Activesync was very good.

    Please give me reasons as to why i should use either one! Basically all i need out of either sevice is:
    Syncing of: Email, Contacts, Calender and Notes - with my computer at work. Thats basically it.

    I look forward to your responses!!
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    I have used both on a Sprint 6700 and I can't say that Good was much faster. The activesync was pretty good. It's tough to beat for the money and you can't attach files with Good (yet).

    Sprint - Treo 650, 700wx, 800w, Touch Pro
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    I use

    Works great. Setup was VERY CONFUSING. Tech Support was rude. Once I got it rolling it is out of this world. $83 for the year.

    (Also includes Outlook Web Access)
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    While I am obviously a bit biased, I would like to point out a couple of things:

    1) ActiveSync won't sync notes
    2) GoodLink has built in shortcuts to make one-handed operation much easier
    3) If you are running Exchange 2000, you can run your own installation of GoodLink. If you have more than one user, this may be a way to go.
    4) You can attach files with ActiveSync
    5) ActiveSync takes anywhere from 5-8 times more bandwidth per month than GoodLink. If you are on an unlimited data plan, that may not be that big an issue.
    6) I would recommend taking a look at and give GoodLink a shot. $9.95 a month (plus $9.95 for the Exchange mailbox) with no set-up fee, no contract. Try GoodLink and if you don't like it, switch over to ActiveSync.
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    to me, the ONLY downside of going EAS is that you can't sync notes wirelessly. other than that, I feel EAS is a better solution, and here's why:

    - EAS uses all the native apps on the device. The native Outlook client. The native calendar, the native contacts, tasks - all the PIM apps. Good replaces all those with their own. The reason that matters to me is that I want to leverage all the cool stuff on the 700w that makes it different from other devices out there. Good takes all that away because it replaces all those apps with its own.

    The other major downside to running Good is that it can be a bit of a memory hog. Granted, the 700w doesn't have the largest memory to start with, and Good makes that even more troublesome.

    So - unless you HAVE to have Notes synced wirelessly (and I just do a local PC sync for my Notes), give EAS a try and see what you think. You can always check out the Good path as well....
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    I use

    Works great. Setup was VERY CONFUSING. Tech Support was rude. Once I got it rolling it is out of this world. $83 for the year.
    I have considered 4smartphone, but there are a few reason why i might not use them.. First and foremost, they are not listed on Microsoft's website as a certified Exchange hoster service... Which kind of scares me..

    Second, their rate for 1GB of mail space is MUCH cheaper than any certified hosted exchange service - which also scares me..

    It may sound stupid - and they may be perfectly fine, but i'd almost rather go with a service that Microsoft backs.. Any thoughts on that?

    And yes - the people at 4smartphone are VERY rude.... They all have foreign accents too - not that its a bad thing.. But just pointing something out..
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    Yes, I noticed the *accent* thing as well. I didn't have the gut's to mention that in my original reply! I looked at their website and it say's that they are based out of Phoenix, AZ. $83 is a deal and so far so good. I recommend them as long as you can accept the fact that they are rude.
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    I use 4smartphone. They are great. Their tech support via email was fine for me. I did not find their set up confusing. The price is right. The web access is slow during peak times. Data gets to my treo very quickly and Outlook syncs with them very fast. I have never spoken with them. With email they are not rude; they are very courteous. I see no reason not to use them.
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    I like Good personally. I prefer the syncing of notes. I also prefer that I can now keep my personal and company emails in completely separate apps (with separate contacts).

    This is probably not a deal maker for you but the GoodAccess to get to a corporate intranet is pretty cool as well. EAS will not give you that access without VPN.

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