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    I decided to release a small game I developed for the Treo 700w and
    make it now available as freeware.

    Tire Tossin' is a simple game that requires your character to run
    to a line and toss a tractor tire as far as possible without crossing
    or touching the line and beat your best score.

    I'm developing an expanded, multiplayer version of the game which
    will be available for sale in 2007.

    In the meantime, you can play to your heart's content.

    Get more details and download version 1.0

    BTW, if you're interested in making your own games for the Treo 700w,
    you should checkout Game Editor at which is the
    main tool I used to make Tire Tossin' and a few others.
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    umm......the game sounds very promising.......however, just to spice things up a bit, instead of tossing a tire, how about tossing a midget!!!!????
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    toss that midget!
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    It keeps saying that the program was not designed for my operating system or something like that. I ran the install file and synced then I selected Yes to allow the program to run and then got the could not install message.
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    Go to your games directory and see if there's a link there..

    If not, let me know. I can send you the executable if it won't install.

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    No icon. It never even gives me the option to install it, eg. to choose between Device and SD. After I select Yes to let the program run, since it's not signed or whatever, it tells me it wasn't designed for this device or OS, can't remember exactly.
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    Send me a private message and I'll send you a download link for the program file which you can just copy to your device anywhere you like.

    Anyone else have similar problems?

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    I cant install it either. Same error as the other guy.


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