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    This was visited and dropped in March. I was wondering if anyone has found a fix for the bluetooth headset battery drain issue?

    I have tried a Plantronics 650 and now have a Jabra JX10. Both significantly drain the battery. There is no way (that I have found) to place the headset on standby.

    Any hints?
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    I used the Jabra 350V for two weeks and realized that 6 hours was unusal for a limited battery life on my glorious Verizon 700W with the latest updates applied (Treo 700W-1.10-VZW).

    Why is it that the earpiece can last for 3 days of 2 hours of talking each day,
    but the other end of that conversation (data is bidirectional on the bluetooth earpiece) suffers like roadkill on thanksgiving ?

    Turning bluetooth off, that 700W will last for three days before it gets to its last battery bar, and I check my mail 20 times a day.

    Here I assumed it was the specific earpiece, which did in fact suck on a nokia 8300 in voice quality.

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