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    Are there anything like Nokia profiles on the 700w?

    I'm planning to switch over to a Treo 700w from my current Nokia... I've gotten very accustomed to being able to switch all the ringtones/volumes/vibrate/settings all at once with profiles.

    I hate phones where when I enter a quiet situation such as a meeting, you have to push volume down several times over to reach the silent mode.

    How does all this work with the 700w?
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    By default no you cant do this but there are many third party apps that allow you to do this and a lot more.

    I use phonealarm and would reccommened it.

    You can have a look at it here
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    I have only owned Nokia until I picked up a 700w.

    I quickly appreciated the switch on the top to select audible/silent alarms, far simpler than the 5+ keypresses needed to silence my Nokias.
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    prankstar, great recommendation! looks very nice... thanks!

    pthall, please tell me more about this switch on the top. does it just simply mute all sounds, only ringers, or what?

    also, i have all my nokia profiles in my shortcuts. one push of the right menu button takes me to the shortcuts list, one more push (since its the first shortcut) and its on pager profile for vibrate only mode. very easy to do while still sitting in my pocket...
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    If you switch the switch, it will change all ringers to vibrate and all sounds to off. You can control this too somewhat in the Sounds and Notifications settings.

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