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    I just picked up a Sony UX180P Micro PC and have to say, I'm loving the darn thing like you wouldn't believe. But, I am currently using a Cingular SIM card for its integrated EDGE (ugh, no UMTS or HSDPA?!) and I'm having serious withdrawals from when I had EvDO rocking on the 700w and 6700 previously.

    My job has given me a Verizon Blackberry 7250, but I don't want to tether anything via a USB cable. I've been contemplating getting the 700w again, just so I could use a program like June Fabrics' PdaNet to do Bluetooth tethering.

    Question is... what kind of speed can I get with a 700w and the Bluetooth connection? Is it topped at 115k (which I think is a little more than EDGE speed anyway) or has anyone gotten close to native EvDO speed as if surfing on the 700w itself?

    Can anyone try it out, get some real speed tests, and let me know?
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    Athough I haven't tested the speed I know you can change the bt dun setting all the way up to 921600 baud. I'll test the speed when I get home and post.
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    Well even when bt dun is set to 921600 the speed tests still seem to max out at 121kbps. However I am getting slingplayer streams of 200kbps. Watching Windfall on my laptop in my car as we speak.
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    yeah it's very slow compared to usb tethering. roughly 100kbps or less.

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