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    I was wondering if anyone has tried this on their 700w and if so:

    Is it 240x240 friendly?
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    I guess it would be easier just to ask what program (free hopefully) everyone is using for TV listings.
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    Ever get an answer?

    Does it work on the Treo?
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    yes, I have used it on both the 6700 and the treo 700wx. eveything works fine on the treo except yhe last two chanels in the listing. I just use two extra chanels to keep the ones I want visable. it is for 320x240 but really only has this one problem. I highly recommend this as the best free tv listing for wm phones.
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    I've downloaded and installed it fine but can not get the desktop client to connect and retrieve anything.

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    I modified one of the themes posted on their site to make it 240x240 compatible.
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    My Weblink just times out.
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    hamsup1o or codyppc:

    Are you both able to connect to Data Direct using WebLink?

    I posted my question on the Zap2it forum and someone else responded who is also unable to connect.

    Is it a network issue or just me?
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    It could be a network issue as I just tried it and it doesn't work also.
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    Ok that's good to know. At least it's not just me.

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    I'm still getting the "WARNING - Error (500) returned from Zap2it Data Direct," message when trying to update. Everyone else getting that message?
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    works fine for me. don't know why it doesn't work for others.
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    It's working for me again also...i didn't get an error msg when it wasn't conencting yesterday though.
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    I have been getting this error when trying to update the tv listings on my pc through weblink. I checked the site where I got the software and noticed the FAQ and the message board area are inaccessible.
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    I finally got this app. working.
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    Question - When I look at my listings my channels are not in numerical order.

    Any way to make them so?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg View Post
    Question - When I look at my listings my channels are not in numerical order.

    Any way to make them so?
    I had the same problem in the Grid view. This seemed to work:
    Listings -> Channels -> Sort

    The setting has at least survived app close/open and a Weblink data download.
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    Thanks dwg!

    That did it.
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    Is it just me or is Web Link not working?

    Edit re-installed and it's working. Go figure.
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    In case anyone is curious PTVL will install in Vista, but the ListingSync.dll won't register. This means the sync conduit won't install and the only workaround is to get the Listings.dat file from your PC to your Treo.

    I have a rough workaround by syncing the Listings.dat file and then using mortscript that will sync without user intervention. You can see more details in the mortscript thread at
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