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    In case anyone is curious PTVL will install in Vista, but the ListingSync.dll won't register. This means the sync conduit won't install and the only workaround is to get the Listings.dat file from your PC to your Treo.

    I have a rough workaround by syncing the Listings.dat file and then using mortscript that will sync without user intervention. You can see more details in the mortscript thread at
    Thanks for the tip. I'll be moving to Vista this week. This will save me from some insanity.

    A nice, yet perhaps mundane, feature of having a listings program: I cannot see historical information on my DishNET DVR Program Guide. I recorded 2 episodes of Lost last night and couldn't figure out which one to watch first. With PTVL I could hop back in time to see when they Aired.
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    If only there was an option in the desktop filesync to save the file to the PTVL directory rather than "My Documents". This would simplify it and not require mortscript. If anyone knows of a way, please let me know.

    When you setup the file sync in Vista, it will try to save it to a subfolder of "My Documents" on your PC. Once that is setup, change the settings on the weblink program on your desktop to save the data to that same folder.

    The main downside with my method is that the Listings.dat is saved to your Treo's internal memory rather than to the SD. My Listings.dat is around 3mb as I do a full 14 day download. This method requires a copy stay there. I tried deleting it after, but this caused Activesync to delete it on the PC side too, which prevented future syncing.
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