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    Has anyone installed activesync 4.2? If so how is it working for you? I have problems syncing with my work laptop (have to disconnect and reconnect the USB snyc cable from the 700w 5 or 6 time to get it to sync... it either loses connection or fails in the middle of the sync) using activesync 4.1. I'm getting a new work laptop on Friday and was thinking I should just install 4.2 but wanted to ask if anyone is having any problems first.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    In started having a problem with 4.1 not syncing with error msg of critical error blah blah blah. I loaded 4.2 and so far no troubles.
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    Anyone else using 4.2? Problems, no problems?
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    I use 4.2 and have no issues with it.
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    I'm using 4.2. I loaded 4.2 beta when I kept getting a failure to connect message ("disconnect and reconnect device..."). That didn't fix my issues and neither did the new version of 4.2. My only solution (still) is to delete my partnership on the PC and create a new one. This solution only works one time, after I take the Treo out of the cradle I get to do it all over again. BTW, I use WirelessSync for everything, Activesync only for file transfer and software installations. I read somewhere here about a possible solution by creating a new .pst folder and transfering everything from my existing one to it but I haven't had the time, or the guts, to try it yet.

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    Using 4.2. Notice no substantial difference over 4.1
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    I LOVE 4.2 BETA! As suggested in another post, this fixed my bluetooth sync issues. I have had not problems with it. Bluetooth sync is so nice and other than its sometimes slow speeds, it eliminates the need for the sync cable.
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    With ActiveSync 4.1 I was having some issues with USB connection. I could connect without issue when my laptop was docked and using the USB port where I first connected, but when I was undocked I couldn't get a connection to a different USB port.

    This issue has disappeared using 4.2. I can connect via the USB cable to any USB port docked or undocked.

    Works like a charm!
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    Quote Originally Posted by remilk
    I use 4.2 and have no issues with it.
    Agreed. I have no issues with 4.2 either. It appears they finally got it right.

    I used to cross my fingers along with anything else I had two of and hope for the best with 4.1
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    4.2 here and no problems. yet.

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