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    I have a funny story to relate regarding my 700W. Last week I was at Boy Scout camp supervising my troop. For any of you who have been, they do morning and evening colors ceremonies, with TAPS being played in the evening. Last week there was no bugler at camp, and they could not find the CD containing the MP3. Being in an playful mood on the last day, I downloaded the MP3 and played it as the flag was lowered, on my 700W.

    Brings "Be Prepared" to a whole new level!

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    Similar rescue story...

    Just bought a new home and was in the process of putting my daughter's bed together. Opened up the box and saw all of the screws and wood pieces but no instructions Went online via the 700w, downloaded directions and read via Piscel Viewer. 35 minutes later the bed is done!

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    Being a boater on the Chesapeake Bay, I can't count the number of times my 700w has been indispensable for weather reports and real-time weather radar. Heck, the other Sunday my wife and I got delayed 24 hours by bad weather and I was telecommuting on a Monday (with the help of PdaNet) while my wife was at the helm and we were in the middle of the bay finally headed home. It's simply amazing what this device (and Verizon's coverage) can do.
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    I was on vacation when my office called about no printers being able to print in the office. I was smack in the middle of Disneyland with my wife and kids when this happened. Thanks to my trusty Treo 700w with the built-in Terminal Services client software + EVDO, I was able to log into the my workstation (the printer server has no public IP and it is behind a firewall), use my workstations Remote Desktop Connection to the printer server, and restart the Printer Spooler service. BAM! My workplace was printing again.

    Management couldn't believe I did all that through my cell phone while waiting in line for "It's a Small World" boat ride. I asked for a raise. They told me that they would get back to me. Heh heh ... typical ...
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    lol awesome stories!

    I have one as well, i was waiting in line at red lobster and forgot to reschedule a certification exam for the following day. At prometric you have to do it by 6pm eastern time, so i pulled out my phone at about 540 logged in and bam rescheduled the exam online.

    This phone is the shyt!!! Although mine went defective on me and they are sending me a new one is a few days lol.

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