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    I am fairly new the the 700w and still learning how to use the WM5 platform. I have tried to install two apps: Tweaks2K2 and Hiberate. Both did the same thing. When I downloaded them, they gave me a zip file. When I extracted the contents, it included files that did not include a cab file or installation file that I could tell.

    What am I missing? Once I extract the zip contents on my PC, how do I get the program onto my Treo?

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    Are you sure it's a ZIP file and not a CAB? Depending on your default unzipper program, ZIPS and CABS will have the same icon for the file. I know winrar does. Open the file properties and see if its a cab or zip first...
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    I just downloaded Tweaks2k2 from which was a zip file. When I unpacked it, there was a Setup.exe as well as a CAB file.

    What files do you see when you extract them? If you see an exe, just run that. is now Soon to be a great resource site for all Windows Mobile phones.
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    .exe to install through PC via activesync. .cab to install straight from the device itself. If you're on the PC just run the exe file

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