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    We are again looking for qualified beta testers with Treo 700wx (or 700w/750v) and Mac OS X (or Linux) for the new version of our "phone as modem" utility (v1.10) which will support USB (besides Bluetooth) connectivity for Mac OS X.

    Contact: support[_NO_SPAM_]
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    bump as there is a new beta with USB and Mac OS X support. - USB Modem, Card Reader, Games etc.
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    I am about to get a 700wx and I have a MacBook Pro. I am used to the seamless way that the PPC6700 works with my MacBook Pro right out of the box with no extra software to install. However -- if this works as good as my 6700 - even if i have to install some software to make it work - it will be a good thing. I will email you all when as soon as I receive the phone.
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    I'm confused. Is this different than the usb modem program you had on there a week ago? You can Mac version then. If it's different, I only see the usb modem program.

    I tried it a couple of days ago and it worked, but the speeds seemed about 1/2 to 1/3 of the speed of just using web browsing directly on the 700wx. I know that bluetooth speed is limited compared to the speed possible with EVDO, but it was running much slower than the bluetooth limit.
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    If you supply the usb cable I am down to test it on my apple.

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