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    I'm on a call #1 and I get another call #2. I ignore the call waiting beep. When the caller #2 leaves a voicemail, call #1 drops!! Is there a known fix for this problem? I'm using the 700w on Verizon.
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    i just started experiencing this's VERY annoying!!!! out of curiosity, what type of coverage area are you in (i.e. - 1x or EVDO)? this has happened to me in Chicago and Wisconsin now
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    EVDO coverage. I've been searching and searching for other mentions of this problem but haven't found any yet?? Seems odd?
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    I have the exact same issue. I've contacted and worked with Verizon but no fix. At first they were stumped and since I was within the first 15 days they asked me to return it for a new device. Guess what same issue. I've searched high and low but no luck. There are people witht the same issue but no one with a fix for right now. I wanted to re apply the firmware but it won't you can't. I'm thinking of having call waiting disabled for a week or so then having it turned back on to see if this makes any difference. Just wonering if it's something in the way the service was set up.
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    I have the same problem. Started a couple of weeks ago. I have a 700wx and Sprint with 1X coverage. Just have it happen today - gets me a few times a week now.

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    same deal here - I've gotten to the point where if I am on a call I immeadiately start to tell the other person i have to get it or thatI'll have to call them back. This "feature" is starting to become a major hassel.

    Anyone know anything?
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    I have contacted Palm about this issue. They says it's a known issue and they are working on it....
    according to our Level 2 support this issue is still being investigated by our Engineering Dept. since we have been receiving this kind of problem on our phone Technical Support. What I can do for you is I will notify you personally if a software update or patch will be released, just let us know if there will be changes on your email address so that we can also update our database.
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    I started experiencing this as well. Man this is annoying. I was the leader on a 10 person conference call and ended up being disconnected. UGH!
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    Well, they fixed the SMS issue, now lets see if this problem gets addressed in a reasonable amount of time.

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