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    I don't have a cable "boX" just a coaxial that runs to my VCR, then my TV. Can I still use a sling box?

    It always says it can control your "cable box" but never makes mention if it needs a tuner (and if so would a VCR work?) or if it has an in built tuner and just needs a feed, in which case any cable connection (box or not) would work.

    Does anyone know if it will work with just a plain coaxial cable input?
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    You can run your coaxial cable straight into the Slingbox.

    You can actually run your cable box and your cable coaxial into the same Slingbox. This is so you can benefit from additional features from your cable box.
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    Just put the sling box between the VCR and TV, use the IR blaster to control your VCR. Then you can sling your cable as well as play whatever tape is in the VCR or even record.
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    I just bought a slingbox today and have it plugged directly into my coax cable. No box, no TV, just me and my Treo700w slinging happily
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    This is great news indeed. Can't wait to get a slingbox and try it out. How does it look on the Treo screen?
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    I am on Cingular and have a Treo 650.

    Mainly because of my Slingbox, I am looking forward to the next GSM Windows Mobile Treo; ie: 750, Lennon, grovvy2, or whatever it is called.

    Being able to watch TV while I am waiting somewhere; doctor's office, oil change, or the like, will be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CellGeek
    How does it look on the Treo screen?
    It is a tiny screen. If you've watched any movies or clips on the Treo, that will give you a good idea of how TV appears. However, the app cuts off a little more of the screen space for shortcut icons. It is very cool -- IMO -- to listen to the television broadcasts. I tape Suze Orman, for example, and since her show has a radio format, I don't need to see it. There is also an audio-only mode.
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    A tiny screen has benefits too. Uses less bandwidth for a clearer picture. I don't mind the size personally. It will be better once sling adds fullscreen mode to the player though.

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