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    Hey guys (before you flame me, yes I checked the search feature). My bosses all have 700w's from VW and I made it so attachments from emails go to the storage card (SD), but is there a way to set it so emails go there too? I did a registry hack on my Motorola Q just for that, but the Q is SM and not PPC. I'm tired of hearing the cries for help when they receive a critically low memory message pop up.
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    no one has a clue?
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    how did you do it on the q?
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    Quote Originally Posted by machoman013
    no one has a clue?
    Did you try searching on google?

    Just don't tell your bosses that remote wipe no longer works...
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    I do NOT recommend doing this, because if you download email when the device is "asleep," via autosyncing, push, etc, your phone will freeze. Remember with wm5 the storage card power gets turned off when the device is asleep (unless they have fixed this issue, not sure) and the device won't be able to access it when asleep. Just a warning....
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    Very good point, I'll keep that in mind.

    btw: link for how to do it on the Q

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