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    does anyone have an issue sending email via AOL, it seems like when i send emails that the phone does not want to send anything only recive emails. does anyone have the proper settings for this
    or what i am doing wrong.
    thanks !
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    On E-mail Setup (4/4)

    Incoming mail:
    Outgoing mail:
    Domain: leave blank
    Click on Options button
    The key setting is on Options (2/3). Make sure you check the checkbox for "Outgoing mail requires authentication". You don't need to check "Use separate settings".

    That's it.
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    says this

    messages cannot be downloaded to your mobile device. Make sure you are connected and that your email account settings are correct. Then , try to download messages again.

    but i downloaded the messages just fine .. i did what you said with the settings but it just wont upload the emails!


    also says The messages couldnot be sent. Check that you have network coverage and that your account information is correct. Then try sending again.

    location i am in manhattan and ev works fine . the account settings how could i download the emails if my account settings were in correct.

    this is all odd because GMAIL i use as well and had no issues at all !
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    I am having the same problem. I was able to send and receive emails fine on my IMAP AOL account using the settings above since Feb, but about two weeks ago it stopped working and I am getting the same error msg. I spoke w/ a customer service rep at Verizon and they told me to use their outgoing email server instead of AOL's. It seems to work ok (allows me to send email), but I cannot see the emails that I send in my Sent Items folder, so I have no way of knowing that the email was actually sent aside from contacting the person that I sent it to to make sure they received it. It seems like a lot of people are having trouble sending AOL mail, however I have not seen a fix for this yet, aside from using a differet outbound server which has its limitations (Sent Items folder does not display sent emails). Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Did AOL recently reconfigure their outbound email server and/or is there some additional setting that is required that is not mentioned above? I am not sure why my email was working fine for 6 months and now all of a sudden I am having problems.
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    Yeah, this used to work. Not sure what changed. I set up AOL mail on my laptop using Outlook Express and I can send emails using that so the smtp server works. I called Verizon's DTS and Palm and neither could figure out what the problem was. They had me set up Wireless Sync for now which works, but not sure I like it.
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    same things happened to me. I live in Los Angeles.
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