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    A few times my 700W has recieved a call, while I hear it ring and the phone icon shows up at the top of it, no caller id shows on the screen and pressing answer does not answer it. I then have to reset the phone and it goes back to normal. This has happened about 3 times this week, anyone know why and how to fix it?
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    Join the club. Frustrating, eh?
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    A more common problem for me is that the Treo will announce the call (with the voice..."Call from whoever on whatever phone") but will not ring or display anything related to the call. Powerless to do anything, the call will eventually go to voicemail and the phone will notify me of the missed call. After that, no need to reset or anything - the next several calls will be fine. Happens at least 1 or 2 calls per week.

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