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    I know that reception bar's aren't an active description of the signal in the area, but I have a question as to how the signal strenth on a 700w relates to the 650. My friends 650 has 2 bars and he can call out just fine, where as I have 0 bars in the same spot and can call out but calls are choppy and sometimes drop. Does the 700w have a weaker radio than the 650 or do I have a defective phone? I just got the phone 2 days ago and would like to go switch it out for a new one if it is defective. Thanks!
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    is your friend also on verizon? the carrier he has can make a difference.
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    yes he also has verizon
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    it seems true that 700 has weaker radio signal compared to 650. My cousin has 650 and i have 700w, both on Verizon, and while he gets 3 bars on his phone at my house, i only get one, and sometimes my calls get dropped. Never happens to him. I thought it was just a problem with my particualr unit,but even after a replacement, it's still the same.
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    My 650 was with Cingular and my 700w is with Verizon. The reception and signal strength of the 650 was awful...maybe it was Cingular, maybe it was the phone - I dunno. My 700w gets EXCELLENT reception - people I talk to frequently even ask me what I changed. They totally noticed a difference when phones/carriers were switched. There are several dead spots on my commute to/from work that would drop calls with the 650, but now that I have the 700w, those spots no longer exist. It's great.
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    It was probably cingular, because my reception on a 650 through cingular was bad, but sprint and verizon was good with the 650.
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    You have to remember that the 650 is running at 1x where as the 700w is running on the EVDO. The 1x seems to have a stronger signal than the EVDO. I feel that the reason for this is because the EVDO is newer and am wondering if all the towers are compatible with send out the EVDO. And as for the Verizon signal, out here in CA Verizon has the strongest singal of any of the carriers.

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