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    I have had this problem witht he 700p....

    When using Versamail and Microsoft Exchange Activesync, I can no longer sync using Hotsync with my home computer to keep thje data up to date (besides the fact I cant sync tasks at all).

    With the Treo 700w, can I use Microsfot Ecxchange Activesync to sync with work AND ALSO use Acivesync on my home machine to sync there as well?

    Anyone doing this?

    Thanks for the help.. just wanted to find out before getting a w.

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    you may end up having duplicate contactsm if you have some contacts that are the same in both places. but I think it would work.
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    Yes, you can. I am doing just that.
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    Works for me. Activesync Exchange server, home PC, and work PC with no problems to date. No duplicate events or contacts.
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    Thanks.,.. I guess when Sprint releases the 700w I will go there.. Our IT department just made everything SOX compliannt and uses Activesync exhcnage server with directpush...

    omykiss... is there software for exchange activesync you run at home as well as work or is it just regular activesyn?


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