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    Sounds like a good way to avoid that ETF.

    Seriously, I agree w/hannip. Only those who have replaced their 24X7 ISP using VZW data will probably get bumped.

    @cellgeek - if you find a emulator that permits Slinging on the 700p, please let us know!
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    hmm, interesting thread. I saw someone mentioning that Verizon had a tethering plan where data isn't counted. "The true unlimited plan". Anyone know anything about this?
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    thanks for all ur guys input, but another question, can you make internet explorer look like ur pc browser? I know you can install font smoother and various fonts to make blazer look as if you were browsing on your desktop, any way to make ie do this on the w?
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    The reason that i choose the 700w because it was free
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    at the time it was because i preferred a windows op system and wanted to stay on the verizon network.
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