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    Is sprint getting the 700w anytime soon because I am ready to lose the 700p.
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    who knows....I wanted the 700w and was trialing the 700p and decided to leave sprint and come to verizon for the w. had it for a couple days and so far I think I made the right choice
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    yea man i had the w with VZW but i was paying like 124 a month. I listened to all the guys in the 700p room and went ahead and got the 700p. This was the biggest mistake. I cant mutitask or nothing. I have to do 6 plus soft resets a day. Palm OS is so doomed. The only reason I really went to the 700p is because microsoft knock down the ram in the update which really took out running 3 or more apps at a time.
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    is because microsoft knock down the ram in the update which really took out running 3 or more apps at a time.

    I think Palm, not MS did that. The ram is the same, but the threshold for closing other running apps has been dropped from 2MB free am to 5MB free ram. That means in many cases your background apps will close much sooner than before. On the other hand you probably get much less out of memory erros with the app currently having the focus.

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    palm os is like apple computers in the early 90's
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    I have heard by the end of Sept.

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    I hope so because this 700p sux u need muiti apps to make this thing up to date. I very got software at things that me 700w could already do. palm Blazer is sooo slloooww
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    Spoke with Retention today - 700W to arrive on 8/31/06 for Sprint.
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    thanks redline122. anything about updated memory??
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    Yeah, I'd like to know if it's gonna have more execution memory as well. I mean, what's the use of being able to multitask if you don't have enough memory for it?

    I went to a Verizon store today to look at their smartphone selection. They had the 700W next to a XV6700. I opened a number of apps. on both and then ran WMP and IE on both. After a little bit I started getting some out of memory errors on the 700W. I went to the screen on both devices that shows the device's available memory and where you could stop all running apps. The 700W had barely any memory free while the XV6700 still had a good amount free. I'm talking about program / execution memory here, not the storage memory.

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