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    Not sure if anyone else has been noticing, but recently I have had hit-or-miss broadband connectivity or just slow bandwidth on my Verizon 700w (chicago area)... phone continues to function well though.
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    Plasmo, I too am in the Chicago area and have noticed the exact same thing. Most of the time, I'm not even connected, instead stuck with it continually trying to get a connection. And I'm even having trouble getting connected if I have full signal.

    And yes, this problem has increased in frequency.
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    very infrequently connect to evdo here in NY. most of the time connected at 1x.
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    i am also in Chicago and have been noticing an increase in inability to connect. it's very frustrating overall impression of verizon's reception in the Chicago area is pretty poor. if i had a dollar for everytime i had a problem getting a signal here, i'd have my phone bill paid for every month :-\

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