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    When I install a program onto the Storage Card it does NOT show up in the Programs folder. Since the Start list is limited in number how do I get the program to show up on the Program listing so I can launch it without having to find it everytime on the Storage Card to launch?

    If I copy the app off the Storage Card into the Program File folder on the main memory, I'm guessing it will copy the whole program again. Can you create a shortcut like you can on a desktop?
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    Sounds like you are most familiar with the Palm way of doing things. WM is very different.

    You should install (not just copy) the program to the card and a link to the app should show up in the programs folder. Otherwise, you can create a shortcut for it in \Windows\Start Menu\Programs using File Explorer. The downside of doing the latter is that the registry entries may not be set properly.

    Do not copy an app from Storage to main memory or to the Program File Folder. This is a Palm OS concept and this is Windows. You need to reinstall it and direct it to main memory. When you reinstall an app, it will uninstall it first.

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