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    what would i need to have a built in (yahoo maps like feature) that will start at my address at home and go to somewhere in northern california? i know i cant have all the maps on the phone, but i need directions for northern cali.

    is tom tom good for this? i think its more GPS, but i just want something like microsoft streets and trips (i have that for the desktop, does that come with a PPC installer?)

    thanks guys!
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    Where are you starting from in your trip to Northern California? Santiago, Chile or Merced, Ca? It might make a difference which package you choose.

    I've become a Mapopolis fan because:

    1. You can download basic, statewide maps from their sight for those areas you're just passing through.

    2. You can download detailed maps if those areas on your trip you need door-to-door accuracy.

    3. You can download their maps right onto your phone from their site - a real plus when you're out and about without a computer to transfer maps from.

    I have all of Virginia, most of Maryland, eastern half of Pennsylvania, Longmont, CO to C-Springs, CO, Tampa, FL region, all at the door-to-door level and it takes ~20 MB of my 1GB storage card.

    I can't help you with Tom-Tom.

    Streets and Trips supports PPC devices - you need to define a PPC map region on your computer and the program converts it to the PPC format for synchronizing.
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    thanks, my main concern is being able to do the mapquest thing, just put in my starting address: san jose, ca and have it give me directions to get around the bay area. (im staying around the bay area, just for driving purposes, i dont need many maps or a big map)

    does mapapolis do that?
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    Have you tried Map for PDA? It's free and works great with a BT GPS. You can input an address anywhere and it will use Google Maps/Mapquest/Yahoo, whatever you choose to get you there. The coolest thing to me is it actually displays a real photo of where you are navigating to (ala Google Earth Satellite Imagery). You can also select various satellite mapping providers for this info (MSFT virtual mobile, Yahoo Maps, Google, etc).

    Here is the link:

    It's really cool to be driving along and look at your PDA to see what's around you....real photos of what's there (no cartoon illustrations of roads, etc).

    I do still use iGuidance mostly, however...
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    You might also want to try earthcomber, it is free, you can download the maps of the area you will be traveling in, then you can put in a starting and an ending point and it will give you written directions just like map quest, it will not however show you the rout on a map, I understand they are working on it.
    I would also mention that I use Mapopolis and I have come to love that program, once you have it generate a route you can have it save it to memo pad and have written directions as well.
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    Do you have phone coverage where you are going? if so why not just use mapquest from your Treo
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    i have no internet on my treo, all the data portion had to be disabled, because its my work cell phone!

    thats why i ask for a program to do this "offline"

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