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    Just wondering where you all go for maps on your Treo?

    Mapquest maps are soooooo small.
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    They all can only use the directions.
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    None, I use Mappoint 2004 though as well as my Infiniti I35 built in GPS.
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    I'll answer since I have a helpful response to the question at hand - I use iGuidance v3 (never used anything else since this is my first gps). I'm not fond of how they route you where they want you to go instead of where you want to go, but you can avoid that by doing sub-destinations (choose final destination, then next to last stop, etc etc) which is a pain and I haven't gotten to test yet, but theoretically works (according to INav).

    So no site, just the program.
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    I use KMaps as the program and Google maps - Google Maps is great on the lap top...Ben
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    I use Mapopolis since I was familiar with it from Palm OS days. It works fine with my GPS also but I rarely use it since I have a Magellan.
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    Thanks, guys. I guess I was hoping for more info on websites. Mapquest, MSN, Yahoo, Mapblast, (hopefully some really cool site I've never even seen before) But odds are they are just your basic white cotton websites. sorry lost my train of thought.

    I was hoping for some cool free website that would work on the small screen. Google maps won't load, Yahoo beta won't load, Mapquest is sooo small. I wish it give me bigger maps, even if I had to scroll a bit.
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    Try installing uses Microsoft Virtual Earth. It's a .cab file for the WM5 environment. Looks like google maps almost. Anyway, it is a small client that resides on the device but accesses it's maps from the web. Works great on EVDO and WiFI; works ok on 1x.
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