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    Hey guys.

    I used to loveee Dope wars. But the 700w is not a palm device, so i can't download the most popular versions of Dope Wars, written for PalmOS. Does anyone know of a way to get it on the Treo 700w?

    I would be forever greatful.

    (p.s. would it be something like pocketpc, or smartphone, or wm05?)

    I've looked in a few places but not a lot of luck. one site had a download, got all the way there, and the file wasn't on the server! D'oh!
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    I loved this game for the Palm OS. I just found it for the 700W at

    It installed ok. The first screen or 2 doesn't scroll but I tabbed down to the Ok button and was able to start buying drugs in the Bronx.
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    On a similiar note - has anyone found a version of Lemonade Tycoon for a square screen? All the versions I see in stores haven't been updated since 2002.
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    Use an emulator proggie like Style Tap Launcher to make the POS app run.. Works pretty well.
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    I followed that link and downloaded the game but when I go to play, it shows the screen where i can pick where to start but then goes to the next screen and there are no options... anyone know how to get this to work?
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    man i love this game...i hope someone gets it to work and they sell big macs at publix in the frozen foods cuz im hungry

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