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    Well I'm back using the treo 700w after trying out the 6700 (bought one on ebay). I took it on vacation with me to Alaska and I quickly realized that it feels like a brick, the battery sucks, you can;t see the screen in the sun and I couldn't stand sliding out the keyboard and dealing with the screen rotation. Otherwise, I thought the 6700 was pretty good, I loved the extra memory and large screen size, but I felt the negatives outweighed the positives. I quickly realized that my 700w, seems to be the best compromise of phone and pda (wish it had a bit more memory). I also felt the treo is a bit snappier than the 6700. I guess I will be putting the 6700 up on ebay, maybe I will try out the samsung i730. Ebay is great for trying out different phones.
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    Welcome back. I agree, the treo form factor is what I love about it. The only improvements to the form factor I'd like to see are to remove the external antenna and make it a smidget thinner. Then give me back those missing pixels for 320x320 res, add memory, and round it out by adding the missing bluetooth profiles for a2dp, avrcp and true voice dialing.

    I'm sure Sprint has all this covered for their 750w release due any day now.

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