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    Any reviews on this battery. It mentions its the same size as the stock battery. I've looked else where and can't find any reviews.
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    great reviews here in these forums. love mine
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    Had mine for about 3 months with no problems at all.

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    I've been running mine for about a month and find it a worthwhile upgrade for my use. No problems whatsoever.
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    can you use the original charger or do you have to purchase a seido charger?
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    The original charger and Treo battery cover work fine.
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    Works great with origional battery cover and charger. I couldn't live with the Palm battery life.
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    Is it a noticeable difference from stock battery?
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    Yes the difference is noticeable. Can you go forever without a charge - no, but the claim of 33% additional battery life is pretty accurate in my experience.
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    where can i buy it ... since the store is out of stock
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    Quote Originally Posted by dinanbbs
    where can i buy it ... since the store is out of stock
    Shows in stock on Seidio's website.
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    i would just like to say that the Seidio battery is not EXACTLY the same is noticeably heavier, IMO.
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    i have been using it and i get about 30% more power i could not go a full work day with the original battery now i go until late at night before i have to charge it


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