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    UPDATE - well, I figured out how to download the certificate from the site (I think). I copied the base-64 something .cer file to my 700w, but when I click on it in the 700w's file explorer, I get the message: "Cannot access certificate." Any thoughts????? Please????? )


    I've searched these forums and google, but I can't seem to find an answer that I can understand, so I'm hoping someone can help me out with this question in this thread.

    I'm trying to set up ActiveSync on my 700w to retrieve email from an Exchange server. I can access my email via the web from any internet connection, and before I did a hard reset on my 700w, GoodLink 4.8 was installed and was able to get all my email from the exchange server. But now, I would like to use ActiveSync.

    I get the following error when the SSL check box is checked: "The security certificate on the server is invalid. Contact your Exchange Server administrator or ISP to install a valid certificate on the server. Support code: 0x80072F0D"

    And, I get a "waiting for server" message when the SSL thing is just times out or something.

    So, how can I download the certificate from the email website??? When I searched for the answer, many posts said to download the cert from the computer that contains the server...I definitely don't have access to that. Is there a way for me to log into my online email and then download the site's cert?

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    How'd we ever survive before handhelds, PDAs, Smartphones...

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    bump......someone please help......
    How'd we ever survive before handhelds, PDAs, Smartphones...

    THEN...Palm Vx --> Sony Clie PEG-T665C --> Sony Clie TG50 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Treo 700W...NOW
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    Thank you, GoodGuy for the links. They're very helpful, but it appears I didn't download the certificate correctly. I've saved the links, tho, so I can refer to them when/if I'm successful at getting the cert installed on my 700w.

    If GoodLink was able to get mail from my exchange account, shouldn't activesync be able to also get the same mail???
    How'd we ever survive before handhelds, PDAs, Smartphones...

    THEN...Palm Vx --> Sony Clie PEG-T665C --> Sony Clie TG50 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Treo 700W...NOW
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    Are you running Exchange 2003 SP2? Has your Exchange admin enabled ActiveSync on the Server?

    With GoodLink, the certificates are installed at installation of the client.
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    Go to this thread where I described fixing the invalid certificate problem on an SDA, where the SSL certificate was purchased from GoDaddy.
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    Here is what my network guy left me so I could setup my phone. I wasn't around when he was here to set them up. It worked and I have since done it with 2 other phones.

    Hope it helps


    Install ActiveSync 4.2. (There will be a long pause at some point.) Let the program reboot the computer.

    Plug in the usb connector for the Palm Treo. When prompted, connect the Palm Treo. Wait until you get the Synchronization Wizard screen.

    Click on Cancel.

    Hold down <Ctrl> and click the following link:

    \\Windows 2003\ActiveSync4.2

    Click on the file VZW_SpAddCert.exe then, holding the <Ctrl> button, click on the certnew.cer file, which selects both. Go to the menu, select Edit, and select Copy.

    Open up My Computer. Double click on your Mobile Device. This will bring up the contents of its My Documents folder. Go to the menu, select Edit, and select Paste. Accept the prompts to convert, and this will copy those files to your Treo.

    Close the Mobile Device window. Disconnect the Treo from the usb cable.

    On the Treo, Select Start – Programs. Open “File Explorer.” Select the file “certnew” go to Menu and Edit and Copy.

    Select My Documents at the top, and then under Show, select My Device.

    Go To Menu, select New Folder. Name the folder Storage. Open the Storage folder and go to Menu, select Edit, and Paste. The certnew file will copy here.

    At the top, go back to My Device, and then go into My Documents. Start the VZW_SpAddCert file. It should show under Available Certificates \Storage\certnew.cer. Click OK.

    To verify, go to Start – Settings. Go to the System tab and open Certificates. Go to the Root tab, and you will see “server name” there.

    Almost there. Go to Start – Programs – Activesync. Choose Menu – Add Server Source…

    Enter the following: Server address: and ensure that “This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection” is checked. Click Next.

    Enter your user name the same as when you log onto the domain (when your pc first boots up). Fill in your password, and the Domain. Select the Save password box.

    Click next. Verify all the boxes are checked, and click finish.

    The Treo should synchronize. Let it complete. The Exchange server will push out any changes to Email, Calendar, or Contacts as they happen, with the Push technology.

    That is it!
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    I am not super saavy with my new treo but I did find a good program to install a certificate. Do a google on "pfximprt". It should bring up a page some guy has with the file. Basically copy your un-zipped root to a directory on your treo then install the pfx file on your device. When you download your cert make sure you know your password and the pfx should install the cert and your treo should recognize it. Hope that helps.

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