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    I am having trouble with an Itrek M5 (same as Iblue) with Iguidance. I just installed all software loaded maps and paired the GPS, no problems. Took it or a test drive worked great. I then wanted to see if voice commands go to my Jabra JX10 headset. When I turned on the headset I lost all sats and it unchecked "turn on bluetooth" in bluetooth setting. Headset works great by itself as well as GPS by itself. I have tried re-pairing both with no success and I also tried changing the com port for the GPS from 7 to 4. Any ideas? If no luck I will get to see how good customer support is at Semsons.
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    Called Semsons and made arrangements to meet them at their location, wasn't to far for me. I had several issues, in addition to the headset conflict I was also experiencing inaccuracy, sometimes it would show me on the next street or just say "off road". On a few occasions when I would power up it would never find a sat. Also after taking a phone call it would lock up Iguidance. I ended up swapping the Itrek M5 for the GlobalSat BT-359. So far seems to be more accurate. It also has no conflicts with my headset and I took a few calls with no lockups. Thanks to Semsons for handling the problem to my satisfaction.
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    Do multiple Bluetooth devices work at the same time? I noticed that when using my TomTom bluetooth GPS, my bluetooth headset starts to act up and eventually causes phone problems. I just accepted that 2 blutooth devices like that don't work concurrently. Should I expect more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by russmd
    I just accepted that 2 blutooth devices like that don't work concurrently. Should I expect more?
    Expect more. My i730 and my Moto Q both handle BT GPS and headset simultaneously without a hiccup. With the Treo 700w, I could get them both to work, but it seemed beyond its capability as the BT GPS would become erratic over time.
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    So far on day 2 of testing a GlobalSat BT-339 with a Jabra JX-10 headset all is well. Both working at the same time. I will be trying 3 bluetooth devices running at the same time, I just picked up a bt pcmcia card for my laptop for maps and sync.
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    Thanks for posting your config. I am setting up the same exact stuff with a 700w but was wondering if you have figured out how to get the screen to stay on when plugged into an external source. Iguidance keeps shutting off and I have gone into the power settings on the phone and told it to stay on for 30 minutes when on external power. Any suggestions? Anyway thanks for posting, I needed re-assurance for choosing the bt-359 and the bluetooth adapter for my laptop (havent opened yet). Semsons rocks!
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    I have never seen an effect in power settings. I went to settings, system, backlight, external power and unchecked "turn off backlight if device is not used for". It will stay on and while plugged in. I would be ok with the screen going off as long as the voice prompts came through. Its a strange setup, programs run with backlight off but the sound is off as well. Same problem playing mp3's.
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    thanks. that definitely worked. keeping the backlight from shuting off fixed the problem. i have since seen posts saying that this is a treo glitch and should be fixed in the future.
    thanks again!

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