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    I just picked up a 700w and I think I may have goofed-I am an old school ACT! user (since 1994) and I have no idea if or how I can use my ACT! with the 700w! I have been using a palm Tungston for years but for some reason, I got the w-

    I am a real newbie- I need some help!
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    Hi PanHead and Welcome! I believe Act is available for Windows Mobile. If it is it shouldn't be a problem getting the information on the Palm into it (it may have some kind of utility that will convert the file and import the entire database). If it is not available in WM, your best bet may be to get a program like Intellisync which will map the fields into another contact manager that is available.

    How about this?

    Were you in Burlingame today?
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    Your ACT! installation CD should have ACT! link for Pocket PC according to the info at this link. That's what you'll need to use on the 700w.
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    I tried setting this up and it didn't work for me. I'm crossing my fingers that the folks at ACT will finally get this working properly with WM5. I loved how it worked on my palm organizer.
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    I have 14 days left to figure this out! I think I may have to trade this in for a 700P-

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