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    My Gmail has been disappearing from my inbox since I got my phone a few weeks ago. I tried a whole bunch of fixes from other threads but when I downloaded the new ActiveSync 4.2 (i had 4.1), all my messages now stay in my inbox! Download and give me some feedback...see if it works for you
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    I take it back it actually doesnt work...About an hour later, all the messages were deleted again! I dont get it, has anyone found a solution to this??? I even tried to change the delivery to "get header only" and 999kb as someone suggested before
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    what's your setting in gmail for pop access....if memory serves, there's an option of what to do after email has been accessed via pop...if you have it set to archive or trash your copy on the gmail server, that may be what's happening....just a thought
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    it is indeed set to stay in my inbox so thats not the problem but thx

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