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    Just curious to know what are some of your must have programs for your 700w. For me, it's Splash ID 'cause I have so many passwords, accounts, etc. to keep track of. I've used this program with POS, and it was suprisingly easy to convert the info to WM5. I also started using SPB Finance to keep track of my checking, savings, and credit card accounts. I don't sync it with any external programs (Quicken, etc.), tho.
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    for me:
    spb backup
    sbsh pocket breeze
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    Good thread for me since I'll be getting my 700W next week. CANNOT WAIT!
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    1) pocket quicken - syncs nicely with desktop quicken

    2) pocketmusic - skinable, EQ and bass boost, playlist editor, supports DRM protected music.

    3) mobile slingplayer - for watching my live and/or recorded tv

    4) Oxios Hybernate - frees up memory

    5) Resco Explorer and registry editor - excellent file and registry manager

    6) Magic Button - very small task manager

    7) PDANet - lets you use your treo as a broadband modem for your laptop anywhere anytime.

    8) XCPUscalar - great for speeding up your treo

    9) Spb backup - easy backup and restore. One click restore is nice.

    10) TCPMP - good movie and music player

    11) SKTools - great utilities
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    eWallet - keep all my numbers in one place
    Pocket Breeze - keep an organized schedule
    Sprite Backup - hard reset not such a big deal
    TCMP - because WMP 10 sucks
    Repligo - convert any desktop document to a viewable format on the 700w
    Resco explorer - good utility for doing everything with flies and comes with registry editor too
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    Resco Explorer and Registry Editor (can't live without them)
    MemMaid (I use it daily to clean out system junk)
    Sprite Backup (a lifesaver)
    PDANet (hardly ever use it has come in handy with my laptop)
    Spb Finance (find it easier to use the Pocket Quicken and can synch with Quicken just fine)
    TCPMP (better then Windows Media Player and free!!!)
    Wisbar Advance (just like the look - even if it slows things down a bit)
    XPUScalar (speeds things back up again)
    SOTI Pocket Controller Professional (lets my control my Treo through my PC)

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    Any body knows when Sprint is coming out with the 700w?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lghitis
    Any body knows when Sprint is coming out with the 700w?

    Please keep this thread on topic, thanks.
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    Every one of the programs posting is great but everyone in my opinion is forgetting their GPS Software.

    For me it's Copilot. I'm not going anywhere without it.
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    Of the 50+ apps I've added, these are my "must haves" for which I'd insist on having replacements before switching to another platform.

    1. Audibleplayer (for my audible books)
    2. Slingplayer (to use my cable TV subscription anytime, anywhere)
    3. Sprite Backup
    4. PDANet (for emergency internet access on laptop)
    5. Tombo (free secure notes also accessible from the desktop)
    6. HanDBase (for my dozens of databases)
    7. PocketBible or Olivetree's BibleReader (gotta have THE WORD)
    8. My Personal Diet
    9. PHM RegEdit
    10. Mapopolis

    "Must haves" for this device:
    1. Oxios Hibernate (free up memory -- for free)
    2. Total Commander (free and better than the built-in File Explorer)
    3. Space Reclaimer (I replaced MemMaid with this when it was incompatible with Voice Command)
    4. New Menu for WM5 by Saman (free)
    5. Wisbar Lite

    Not "must haves" but I really like these. Not having them wouldn't keep me from changing devices:
    1. Pocket TV Browser (free TV listings)
    2. GAMES: Monopoly, Sudoku, DQ Software Card games
    3. Wisbar Advance
    4. Taptext
    5. Skype
    6. XCPUScalar
    7. TCPMP
    8. Flexmail 2006
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    Don't think anybody has mentioned Card Export from Softick. I love this app.

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    My Programs:
    Pocket Mechanic
    PHM RegEdit
    Vito Remote
    Vito VoiceDialer

    Soon to be:
    iGuidance V3 W/ Solarious BT GPS Reciever
    Some Chess game
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    Well I have a 6700, but it runs the same OS:

    iGuidance 3.0 w/BT-338 GPS
    Weather Panel
    Phone Alarm
    Slingplayer Mobile
    Agenda Fusion 8
    BT Toggle
    Map for PDA
    PHM Regedit
    Black dialer skin from Kokkos (on
    PocketNester (playing NES games)

    If I had to say essential:
    Agenda Fusion 8
    Slingplayer mobile (the reason I switched to WM5 from Palm)
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    Anyone got Spb Finance 2.4 to work and sync to Money 2006? So far both Money 2006 for PPC and SPB freeze up during AS both 4.1 and 4.2, but Money 2006 PPC used to work on my iPAQ with AS 4.1. Wondering if a hard reset might get one or the other to work.
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    I've only had mine for a few days, but so far my favorite progs are:
    spb finance
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    Havent seen TimeTTracker MX2 from listed yet.

    The best possible time tracking software and it comes with a desktop UI that is fantasic for syncing and just using to track your time on the desktop. Great application.
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    Is there a program that will allow you to schedule when your phone/radio turns on and off??? I tried to search for something like I had with the 650, but I haven't had any luck finding it. Once I find it, it'll be one of my must have progs, too! )
    How'd we ever survive before handhelds, PDAs, Smartphones...

    THEN...Palm Vx --> Sony Clie PEG-T665C --> Sony Clie TG50 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Treo 700W...NOW
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    What you are probably looking for is an app that lets you set up different profiles like for day and night and then schedule when to start each.
    There is a program called phoneAlarm that should do what you want, but it is a bit overkill.

    PocketZenPhone is an alternative to phoneAlarm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip
    PocketZenPhone is an alternative to phoneAlarm.
    Thanks for the info! I'll give the PocketZenPhone a try. )
    How'd we ever survive before handhelds, PDAs, Smartphones...

    THEN...Palm Vx --> Sony Clie PEG-T665C --> Sony Clie TG50 --> Palm Treo 650 --> Treo 700W...NOW
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    How did you like PocketZenPhone?
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