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    any must have hacks?
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    For me its
    pocket imformat
    spb backup
    easy tweak
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    Quote Originally Posted by pump142 View Post
    any must have hacks?
    HTC Streaming Media is a must have. So you can play mobile youtube just like any other phones out there.
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    palmpilot- sony clie- treo 600- treo 650- treo700p- ppc6700-treo700wx-ppc6800.
    sling media, mundu radio, google maps, live search, memmaid, mercora, Skype, etc.
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    Well...I guess my must haves are:

    Audible Player...listen to audible books almost every day during my commute

    Tom Tom GPS...don't need it often but boy when I do it is a lifesaver!

    eWallet....keeps track of all my passwords (when I remember to enter them in it) and I use it for lots of other stuff card info..etc..even as a data repository for stuff I need to remember down the road. I have a brain like a sieve so it's REALLY important to write things down. well for me and let's me log on to internet pretty much anywhere. Family gets po'd when I take my laptop camping but hey...they'll get over it!

    spbBackup...I don't sync to my computer very often..just do a backup to card using this...much easier..and I can do it anytime...anywhere
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    Any thoughts on RapidCalc -
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    any new programs updated?
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    Is memaid still the best over SK tools?
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    spb mobile shell
    spb diary

    All SPB softwares are good.
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    Memaid is a must. It cleans out temp. internet files, cache, etc. Without it memory suffers and the device slows down.

    SPB Back Up. God forbid you wipe out everything on your device in one click its back like nothing ever happened.

    YouTube hack is great entertainment. Love watching videos on my Treo.

    SPB Mobile Shell is a great Today Plug in because I love finger sized menus. I never pull the stylus out anymore. Makes the Today Screen look amazing.

    Hidelogo cab found on removes the Sprint logo line (if you have Sprint). Frees up space on the Today Screen. has great Today Screen themes.

    I could go on and on.
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