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    So far, I'm a gigantic fan of Spb Pocket Plus - has helped me with the transition from never thinking about memory management on the Palm.
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    There are programs I LOVE on my Dell but won't work (well) on my Treo so I won't bother with those:

    SPB Pocket Plus*: Great launcher, battery monitor, a true program closer and much more.

    SPB Diary*: Allows me to view all my appointments and the like right on Today Screen

    SPB Weather*: A quick outlook of the weeks weather.

    SPB Backup*: Self-explanitory

    *All of the above programs integrates with each other to conserve precious screen real estate.

    eWallet: Passwords storage prog.

    ListPro: for my Dos and Honey-Do Lists

    Pocket Bible: Program that keeps me going.

    Worldmate Pro: Crucial for travellers

    Pocket Informant: I actually prefer Agenda Fusion but this works better on the Treo

    Pocket Controller: Controls my Treo right on my Desktop, pair that with a bluetooth headset, I can make and recieve calls without touching the phone, and all that while the phone is being charged and syncing.

    Trying out PhoneAlarm but I'm liking it so far.
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    Great list!
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    Yes I agree. Great List thanks for posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl View Post
    Of the 50+ apps I've added, these are my "must haves" for which I'd insist on having replacements before switching to another platform.

    1. Audibleplayer (for my audible books)
    2. Slingplayer (to use my cable TV subscription anytime, anywhere)
    3. Sprite Backup
    4. PDANet (for emergency internet access on laptop)
    5. Tombo (free secure notes also accessible from the desktop)
    6. HanDBase (for my dozens of databases)
    7. PocketBible or Olivetree's BibleReader (gotta have THE WORD)
    8. My Personal Diet
    9. PHM RegEdit
    10. Mapopolis

    "Must haves" for this device:
    1. Oxios Hibernate (free up memory -- for free)
    2. Total Commander (free and better than the built-in File Explorer)
    3. Space Reclaimer (I replaced MemMaid with this when it was incompatible with Voice Command)
    4. New Menu for WM5 by Saman (free)
    5. Wisbar Lite

    Not "must haves" but I really like these. Not having them wouldn't keep me from changing devices:
    1. Pocket TV Browser (free TV listings)
    2. GAMES: Monopoly, Sudoku, DQ Software Card games
    3. Wisbar Advance
    4. Taptext
    5. Skype
    6. XCPUScalar
    7. TCPMP
    8. Flexmail 2006
    Hey, wondering how to/where to use/put the cab file or its contents on my 700W to make the 4. New Menu for WM5 by Saman (free) work.

    Also, I read that the Sprite backup is on a disk that comes with my device. Is this true? (before I try to dig out my software disk)

    Thanks in advance for any advise on these and.....

    I aint nobody, dork!
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    You can dowload sprite back up from palm. You do need serical number though. I don't have link, but I found it on google.
    Palm Treo 700W with Verizon PDATP Plan.

    Palm Treo 700WX w/ SERO plan

    Love both
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    ive been using these cool utilities and works great

    NS Contacts Backup
    Nyxbull Password storage

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    Currently Running:
    WinMobileApps CircleBT
    Flash Player 7.0
    Scott Launcher
    TCPMP 0.72
    Live Search (latest version)
    PHM Registry Editor
    TodayAgenda 0.9.50 .BETA
    Olive Tree Bible
    Pocket RAR
    Keylight pocketMax
    Sprite Backup
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    WeatherPanel (best weather app out there!!)
    TodayAgenda (beta)
    SPB PocketPlus
    SPB Finance

    also using wisbar advance but I can't decide if I really like it or even REALLY need it. Its cool but....somethin about it I dont like
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    My current lineup,

    Mortscript -RC9
    Treo Keylight Manager- 1.1 upgrade
    Nled-led alert
    TOMTOM 6
    PHM Registry Editor
    Sprite Backup
    eWallet-Pro edtion
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    For these programs are you installing them on your device or your sd cards
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    -Resco Explorer
    -CBS Traffic Cam for NYC area
    -Palm SMS threaded messaging
    -PHone Alarm
    -SPB Weather
    -Mavick Hidelogo
    -IM Plus
    -Slinghann Treo keylight
    -Google Maps
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    Must Haves:
    remotePROTECT -> allows remote wiping of card & phone via text message
    Resco Explorer ->great file navigator. much more useful than the stock one.
    Illium eWallet ->encrypts personal info. awesome and limitlesssync capabilities
    Microsoft LiveSearch ->imo, way better than google maps FREE
    Mavick HideLogocab ->removes carrier logo FREE
    WebIS PocketInformant2007 ->great PIM manager
    Adobe Reader ->pdf reader FREE

    also great:
    Sprite Backup ->simple seamless auto backuping and restores FREE
    Siriuswm5 -> allows streaming of sirius sat radio FREE
    sbsh PocketWeather w/ WillyG Dedication4.1 Iconset ->great weather program
    TCPMP media player w/ ffmpeg & aac plugins ->much better than WM player FREE
    SPB PocketTips & Tricks ->allows some reg editing huge memory hog though at 4k
    Macromedia FlashPlayer Active X plugin ->allows some flash on pie FREE
    RealNetworks RealOne player FREE
    Thunder WM5torage ->allows you to turn treo into card reader FREE
    Slinghann TreoKeylight ->turns keyboard lights on & off FREE
    GoogleMaps ->I only use this for traffic because it's data is better than WMLive FREE
    Vicsoft DictMgr ->easy dictionary editing, shortcut editing, etc. FREE
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    do you guys delete the corresponding program from wm5 if you have a better version you use?

    i was thinking of making a backup of the phone as is then stripping out the crap. (pocket msn, etc)

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    many of the original programs cannot be deleted. the are in the ROM.

    I highly recommend:
    SBSH pocketbreeze (today PIM plug-in)
    spb pocket plus. (today plug-in and much more)
    Slinghann treo keylight (turn on/off the keyboard light)
    pocket tv browser (it's like tv guide that can be updated)
    wm5torage (turn your phone to an SD card reader)
    pdanet (turn your phone to a network modem)
    Real Dice MC Poker (best Texas Hold'em)
    tcpmp (best video player)
    resco explorer
    google maps
    hicalc (best scientific calculator)
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    For me, the essential few will be:

    SPB Pocket Plus
    SPB Diary
    SPB Finance
    SPB Backup
    WebIS PocketInformant
    ilium eWallet
    ilium ListPro

    and all of these will be installed to the main memory.

    I am still trying to get SPB Weather to update properly...
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelpWith700W View Post
    Is there a program that will allow you to schedule when your phone/radio turns on and off??? I tried to search for something like I had with the 650, but I haven't had any luck finding it. Once I find it, it'll be one of my must have progs, too! )

    Maybe you need the WAWA alarm clock... It's a very flixible alarm clock and it turns on and off everything that has an infrared port (
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    Any good program that handles Aim??

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    So it seems like Resco Explorer is a must have application. I see that it says its a trial? Does that mean that if we install it on our Treo, in 31 days will we be able to access it after the trial is over?

    Same idea goes with MemMaid, SPB Pocket Plus, etc, does anybody know what happens. I greatly appreciate if someone can answer that for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericdabbs View Post
    So it seems like Resco Explorer is a must have application. I see that it says its a trial? Does that mean that if we install it on our Treo, in 31 days will we be able to access it after the trial is over?

    Same idea goes with MemMaid, SPB Pocket Plus, etc, does anybody know what happens. I greatly appreciate if someone can answer that for me.
    It means that after the trial period, however long it is, the program will cease to function until you register it.
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