Okay, I turned everything off, stopped every program, AND did a soft reset. When I turned the stupid 700w on and checked the status, there was already 10.52 mb in use. Then I turned on the "phone" and it went up to 10.77. Then I turned on the "broadband" and it went up to 12.80. (So far, not a single "program" is running...the stupid thing is just sitting there.) Finally, I turn on the even more stupid GoodLink, and it goes to 17.70 mb in use with only 7.75 mb free. Oh, wait, I just checked it after it has been sitting there DOING NOTHING for the past minute or so, and now the usage is at 18.32 mb, with only 7.13 mb free. WTF?! I absolutely hate this thing. I want my 650 back with the PalmOS!!!!! I would really like to know what your memory situation is like with basically nothing running. I can't even play a single game without having to turn off GoodLink. Shouldn't I be able to play just one thing or use one other program with this stupid freakin' phone????