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    Solarius solar power gps

    I noticed the other bluetooth recievers, but does anyone have this reciever? Even with 2 cigarette lighters in my car, having a solar powered gps unit would be wonderful *if it works well*. It's a whopping 10 more than a powered unit, so definitely worth the money and I wouldnt have to hide it in my center console (location of the lighter) but could hide it close to my rearview mirror for better reception/sunlight.
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    Nice! I like it!

    I currently have the Pharos GPS that comes with Street and Trips, connected to my laptop via USB. I want to get one for the 700w, but just the Bluetooth adapter for that one costs like $100... so I'm looking for a cable where the Treo can work as host... I found it for the Axims and others, but not for the 700w.
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    I ordered the Solarious reciever w/ iGuidance V3, should be here tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how it works out.
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    Looking forward to hearing about the solar power option!
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    It's been a while since I looked at that GPS unit, but as I recall, the solar capability does NOT allow you to power the unit completely. It still requires the battery to be charged. What it does accomplish is to lengthen the actually battery life from 12 hrs to 15 hrs. I remember looking at it for the same reason as others here. It seemed like a great idea to reduce the number of devices I need to have charging in my car. Unfortunately, it's more of a gimmick than anything else.

    On the other hand, it does have the SiRF III chipset, so no matter what, it's still a good GPS. Good luck.
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    My father-in-law had this one for a short while. He liked it as a GPS receiver, but, it did not function as well with "solar power" as it was advertised. Solar would not fully operate the device and it would not recharge the device. He ended up trading it for a Garmin receiver.
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    Bluetooth and GPS would use more power than that small solar panel could supply, so if I only have to bring it in once a week to charge that might be acceptable. Otherwise I'll just get a different one, hide it, and run an external antenna. How well it works as a GPS reciever will count as much as whether the solar fully charges or only partially charges itself.

    You would think leaving it in the car 24/7 would make it recharge itself *shrug*.

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