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    Can anyone tell me how to create a playlist in this f'n media player. I cannot find it anywhere.

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    Here's a free playlist editor/creator:

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    You can create playlists on your pc using WMP and then select the ones you want to transfer to your treo. The songs and the playlists get transferred using the auto sync feature of WMP.

    3rd party music apps also have playlist editors built in. My personal favorite is PocketMusic.
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    Folks, I must be doing something wrong, because I have created play lists in WMP 10 on my desktop, then synced with the Treo 700W. The MP3s came over, but not the play lists, and no matter how many MP3s I have, I only have 4 playlists. I have tried copying the .wpl playlist files to tTreo 700W, then updated the library, but the library didn't pick up the new playlist files. What gives? Any help, or guide to help understand the relationship between WMP on the desktop, and WMP on the Treo is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    You have to use the auto sync option and select the playlists to sync. It will transfer the songs and playlists.
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    I have synced the playlists and files in WM on the desktop with the 700W, and although the MP3s come over, the playlists did not. I finally ended up downloading and using Playlist editor version 1.7 from Jonathan Misurda, and was able to create playlists on the 700W which worked well. If anyone can point me to further documentation about how to use WM on the desktop to sync with Windows Mobile, I would greatly appreciate it.

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