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    i am trying to restore a backup with sprite however its asking me for a password, which i cant seem to get right. so i have uninstalled sprite from my treo 700w and from my laptop too.

    but when i reinstall everything and put in a new password on my laptop, when i enter the password on my treo 700w, it says its wrong and wont perform the restore.

    any ideas what im missing here?
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    The password is associated with the actual file, not the device. If you've forgotten it, you're screwed. I got to a similar spot w/ my backup file as part of my password is numeric. Well no matter how many times I typed in my password correctly using the alt key to dial numbers, i was getting the incorrect password dialog. So, finally I just typed in the "keys" of my password instead of shifting to get the numbers and it worked fine! I hope this works for you too.
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    well i guess i got lucky. i tried every single password i could think of...and finally got the right one to work!

    i rather not use passwords when backing up, so any way i can do without in the future?

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