Czech software house Maxicon s.r.o. has released a smartphone application that monitors incoming calls and accepts or rejects calls based on phone number. PhoneGate for Windows Mobile lets users discreetly reject unwanted calls with a busy signal while leaving the phone available for important calls, according to the company.

PhoneGate divides all incoming phone numbers into three categories:

* "VIP" numbers
* Unwanted numbers
* All other numbers
o new -- not found in PhoneGate's list
o unknown/private -- not recognized by the network, or hidden by the caller

VIP and unwanted numbers are selected from Outlook contact records or can be added separately, according to Maxicon. In operation, PhoneGate can be set to any of the following modes:

* Reject all calls
* Reject all calls except VIP numbers
* Accept all calls except unwanted numbers

For the latter two modes, users also have the choice of either accepting or rejecting new numbers and/or unknown numbers.

Maxicon says the software is available in two versions -- PhoneGate for Windows Mobile 5.0, and PhoneGate lite for Windows Mobile 2003SE. A PDA version is in the "last stages of testing" and is expected to be available for sale soon. The package can be downloaded directly from the company's website (registration required), or from Handango.