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    Does anybody have a diagram and/or know where I could obtain a diagram of what each of the pins are used for with the 700w connector? I recently bought a charging dock with audio, but I'm worried that the audio connection will ruin my jack and I would like to try and modify the dock to pull the audio from the "power connector" piece (which is the full connector).

    I know Seidio has made a connector -> headphone adaptor, but I want to incorporate this into the existing dock with the power supply.
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    I also use one of the charging docks with audio (picked it up on eBay - even has a microphone built in so it makes the Treo a great speakerphone). Sorry, I don't know about the pin setup but I have had my dock since March, with pretty heavy use (I must connect and remove my Treo at least 20 times a day) and had not had any problems. I was also concerned but it seems to be holding up quite well. I know I haven't answered your original question but I wouldn't be overly concerned using original dock setup.


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